Trampoline Boy by Nan Forler

Trampoline Boy by Nan Forler
Illustrated By: Marion Arbona
Publisher: Penguin Random House Canada , Tundra Books
ISBN: 9781770498303
Sale Date March 6, 2018

Thanks to NetGalley for the ebook ARC of Trampoline Boy written by Nan Forler and illustrated by Marion Arbona.

Trampoline Boy is always jumping and we are invited in to understand how he sees the world. He loves jumping up and down, its his favourite thing in the world.
Kids walk by and tease him but, one day a quiet girl , Peaches is thrilled by his jumping. And together they jump. Peaches and readers get to see how important and valuable different perspectives are.
A lyrical picture book about the joy of jumping — and a springboard for discussion about unique perspectives

I give this book a rating of 4 stars. I read this to my youngest daughter who is 4 and she really enjoyed the story. The illustrations are bright and colourful. I would recommend reading this book.

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Trampoline Boy