Guilty by Laura Elliot

Publisher: Bookouture

Thanks to NetGalley for the ebook ARC of Guilty by author Laura Elliot and publisher Bookouture in exchange for an honest review.

The story begins with 13-year-old Constance Lawson, who is reported missing. Days later her uncle, Karl Lawson has been swept up in media by journalist Amanda Bowe, implying that he is the prime suspect in her disappearance.
Six years later, Karl has lost everything, his marriage is over, his wife has taken his daughter away, he has lost his job.
Meanwhile, Amanda’s career is thriving, she has a successful career, a husband and a son.
Until one day, her world is turned upside down with just one phone call, and it is every mother’s worst nightmare.

This book is told in 4 parts. The first part is about the disappearance of Constance Lawson. And the climax of the book was revealed in part 1, less than half way through the book. The other parts in the story are about other characters in the book and steered away from the story of Constance.
To me this book, kind of lost interest and I found it a rather slow read. It was almost like I was reading a couple of different novels.
I give the book a rating of 2 stars, it just didn’t grab my attention the way other psychological thrillers did. I was very intrigued by the first part of the novel though, and it was well written. I did find that the author did create and expand on a few of the characters very well.