The Day I Lost You by Alex Sinclair

The Day I Lost You by Alex Sinclair
Publisher: Bookouture

Thanks to NetGalley and publisher Bookouture for the ebook ARC of The Day I Lost You by Alex Sinclair. 

You only let her go for a second… Now she’s gone. 

Erika is taking her four year old daughter, Alice up to her father’s apartment for a toy that she has left behind.They are in the elevator, when all the lights go out. It jerks to a stop on the seventh floor with a bunch of deserted apartments and the little girl runs out into the corridor. 

But before Erika can follow her the doors slam shut again. Now her daughter is nowhere to be seen.

Erika was about to take Alice away for a fresh start, far from her troubled past, when the child vanished. How could a four year old disappear into thin air? And with no one to help her, will Erika ever find her daughter?

I give this book a rating of 4 stars. The book was a very gripping thriller. It had me right from the beginning. I found some of the things that happened in the story didn’t quite make sense. Like why wouldn’t Erika call the police herself to report her child missing is she suspected that no one else actually did. It seemed long and a bit repeating through the middle of the story. I was very shocked and surprised by the ending of the book, and I never saw it coming. I definitely will read another one of Alex Sinclair’s books. 

The Day I Lost You