All I need..

On a Saturday afternoon, just drinking an orange pekoe Tetley tea and a good book! I am currently reading Never Smile at Strangers by author Jennifer Jaynes. This book is really good so far and I am 10% of the way through. 

Review to follow…

My older kids are off to school and I am drinking my morning coffee And have started reading another novel from NetGalley. This one is Ella’s Ice-Cream Summer by Sue Watson. I have read 78% of the book so far. I will post my review when finished on the Book reviews page. Be sure to check it out!

Bones season finale 

So i am very disappointed that the finale of the tv show @Bones is already here.  I am waiting tool watch it til tomorrow night after my youngest daughter goes to bed.

I have seen all of  the epiodes of this show and i am going to miss it.

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Netgalley Member : Professional Reader

So i have recently started reading and reviewing ARC ebooks from a site that found, Netgalley. You too can join Netgalley at no cost. 

ARC stands for Advanced Reading Copy. Its a free copy of a new book given by publishers to help promote new and upcoming book titles. 

Please check out the Book Reviews section to see which books i have read and reviewed!

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Bonus Points to Secret Outlast Clear Gel

Bonus Points to Secret Outlast Gel

I am a BzzAgent and i got chosen to do this campaign. I was so excited that i got picked becauseas ive been getting older, i have found it harder to find a deodrant that actually works. The one i was using before was hard to find and expensive.

i apply secret outlast clear gel in my morning routine and i didnt even have to let my arms dry before closing them! Yay! And no white marks.. bonus! I was able to make it all day without having to re apply, and i smelt great all day long!