What Am I Reading?

I am currently reading Secrets of the Dead by Carol Wyer. I am 17% of the way through the book and still have about 8 hours left to read. Thanks to NetGalley for the ebook. Review will be posted when finished.

NetGalley Feedback Ratio

My NetGalley feedback ratio is currently 43%. I have been approved for 48 novels, and I have sent in feedback for 23. The suggested feedback ratio they recommend you have is 80%, so I am just over half way there! I have a lot of reading left to do. I currently have 25 novels yet to read on NetGalley. My favourite publisher so far that I have found is Bookouture, I have not once been disappointed by one of their books! Anyways, happy reading as always. 


All I need..

On a Saturday afternoon, just drinking an orange pekoe Tetley tea and a good book! I am currently reading Never Smile at Strangers by author Jennifer Jaynes. This book is really good so far and I am 10% of the way through. 

Review to follow…

My older kids are off to school and I am drinking my morning coffee And have started reading another novel from NetGalley. This one is Ella’s Ice-Cream Summer by Sue Watson. I have read 78% of the book so far. I will post my review when finished on the Book reviews page. Be sure to check it out!